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DKonquer Peripheral Balloon Catheter

NMPA Approval 20203030190
Comprehensive Size Matrix,All-rounded performance

  Highest RBP 24atm   Soft Tip

DKaptain High Pressure Balloon Kit

NMPA Approval 20213030881

Strength and Flexibility, All in One
  Highest RBP 26atm    Soft Tip

DKutting PTA Scoring Balloon

NMPA Approval 20223031527

High Pressure, Scoring

Highest RBP 20atm    120°Fixed Scoring elments   Comprehensive Size Matrix

Dissolve AV Peripheral Scoring DCB

NMPA Approval  20233030980

High Pressure , Scoring , Drug-coated
  High RBP     Fixed Scoring Elements   Drug-coated

DKonquer Peripheral Rx Balloon

NMPA Approval 20233031243