Cardiac Intervention


PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

NMPA Approval 20193030166

Advantage of Peripheral HP Balloon

  • The non-compliant balloon exhibits superior expansion effects with a lower incidence of dissection.
  • For dilating arterial stenoses, non-compliant balloons are the preferred choice. Their diameter remains relatively constant with increasing pressure, minimizing vascular damage and ensuring better expansion effects.
  • In contrast, semi-compliant balloons exhibit noticeable size changes with increasing pressure. Over-sizing or over-inflation may lead to vascular damage and the apparent occurrence of dissections.
Balloon Diameter (mm) Balloon Length(mm)
10 15 20 25 30 35 40
1.25 CBC-1210 CBC-1215 CBC-1220 DK Exclusive: High Pressure for small Diameter Model (1.25/1.50/1.75mm)
1.5 CBC-1510 CBC-1515 CBC-1520
1.75 CBC-1710 CBC-1715 CBC-1720
2 CBC-2010 CBC-2015 CBC-2020 CBC-2025 CBC-2030 CBC-2035 CBC-2040
2.25 CBC-2210 CBC-2215 CBC-2220 CBC-2225 CBC-2230 CBC-2235 CBC-2240
2.5 CBC-2510 CBC-2515 CBC-2520 CBC-2525 CBC-2530 CBC-2535 CBC-2540
2.75 CBC-2710 CBC-2715 CBC-2720 CBC-2725 CBC-2730 CBC-2735 CBC-2740
3 CBC-3010 CBC-3015 CBC-3020 CBC-3025 CBC-3030 CBC-3035 CBC-3040
3.5 CBC-3510 CBC-3515 CBC-3520 CBC-3525 CBC-3530 CBC-3535 CBC-3540
4 CBC-4010 CBC-4015 CBC-4020 CBC-4025 CBC-4030